In a world where we treat sanitizer wipes and masks as critical as our keys or phones when we leave the house, the "Safe on the Go" brand offers consumers personal protection products that empower everyone to be safe and also showcase their own sense of style. Designed with the go-getting, busy individuals in mind, the "Safe on the Go" Collection is fashion-forward protection that supports security and safety for every daily outing. Worry less and get out more.

Blending convenience with fashion, we pride ourselves on being creatively safe, designing aesthetically pleasing products that not only act as an accessory but a necessity in a safety-driven environment. "Safe on the Go" offers essential products to support safety and hygiene while on the move.


Our Story


K&M is a multi-divisional Top 100 leader in fashion accessories serving all channels of retail. 
Challenged by the latest need for personal protection we introduced our “Safe on the Go” brand. The “Safe on the Go” brand features collections of unique and fun fashion personal protection products.  From our signature shopping cart handle cover to our line of face masks, hand sanitizers, and face mask accessories, the “Safe on the Go” line of products offers excellent protection for today's environment with a touch of style.   


DESIGN COMPETENCY:  K&M is proud to have the most dynamic and talented design & merchant team in the industry.  When it comes to fast fashion or reorderable products, innovative packaging, or customized displays, we know how to create trend-right items and solutions that drive sales!!


LOGISTICAL ACUMEN: Overseas, K&M is supported by an experienced and dedicated staff of 35+, who assists our team to source, inspect, and ship in excess of 50M units of Accessories per year.  In our Providence warehouse, we execute thousands of EDI orders weekly.

COMPLIANCE: K&M is keenly focused on regulations that influence our industry.  Our products meet all requirements of H.R. 4040 - Product Safety Act and all state-mandated regulations.  Additionally, in 2006 we became CTPAT certified by US Customs and Border Protection agency.

At K&M, we take pride in our reputation for having a dedicated team of employees, the best quality goods, and superior customer support.